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How To: Removing Noise In Cheap Bluetooth Music Receiver

In this video, the presenter will be having a look at the buzzing/noise problem that a cheap Bluetooth music receiver can create. He will...
Fitness tracker

Smart Wearable Bluetooth Fitness tracker

Nowadays, electronics is being increasingly used in clothing, making them smart and at the same time, fashionable as well. So, we have decided to...

Hacking Bluetooth Headset To Control A Robot

In this project, an old Bluetooth headset can be used, along with a cellphone to make a robot controller, without a microcontroller (MCU) or...

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mesh Enabled IOT Smart Device For Athletes

This device can provide real-time data of the movements of players during trainings and games, like acceleration, angle and directions, as well as their...

Wireless LCD Display Via Bluetooth

This wireless LCD display shows information sent from a smartphone. The user can send text messages with up to 32 alphanumeric characters to the...

Sharing Wi-Fi Data Via Bluetooth

Tethering, or phone-as-modem (PAM), is the process of sharing of a mobile device’s Internet connection with another device, say, a cellphone or computer. Bluetooth...

Designing Android App For Communication With Bluetooth Module

This article is about designing an Android app for communication with HC-05 Bluetooth module using MIT App Inventor (open source), a block-based programming tool....

Two-Channel Wireless Audio Amplifier Using Bluetooth and TA8210AH

Use of audio amplifiers is increasing day by day. This project deals with the transmission of the audio signal wirelessly and amplification of the...

Indoor Localisation Using Bluetooth Beacons

Location based services are rapidly emerging in the modern era where users are provided with various application softwares to comply their requirements. Applications such...

Home Automation using Bluetooth of ESP32 with Videos (Hindi & English)

In this project, we will be dealing with the inbuilt Bluetooth feature in ESP32 Development board and try to build an application around it....

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