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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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3D Robotic Motion Phantom that Mimics the Human Lung

Doctors in India may soon have a new facility to simulate the lung motion of a patient to help deliver focused radiation, using the...
Raspberry pi projects ideas

Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects for Engineers

Raspberry Pi is a development board that is also referred to as a Single Board Computer has made a lot of noise since its...

Measure Difficult Angles With This Digital Protractor

Digital compass and protractor are two of the most basic tools for specifying directions and measuring angles. But sometimes it is difficult to get...
Parallel-Port Controller

Parallel-Port Controller Using MATLAB

Many projects have been published in EFY on how to program a PC’s parallel port using C, C++ and Visual Basic. Here we attempt...

New Automation Systems Can Be Smaller, Smooth, and Silent with Advanced Motion-Control Chip

Highest-precision tiny motor driver brings finer motion control to laboratory automation, industrial robots, 3D printers, and other applications High feature integration enhances reliability...
Controlling Stepper Motor Using Rotary Encoder

Electronics Projects: Controlling a Stepper Motor Using a Rotary Encoder

Presented here is a project for controlling stepper motor using rotary encoder. It consists of a Raspberry Pi (Raspi) board, 5-pin rotary encoder, 5V...
Raspberry pi projects ideas

Top 15 Raspberry Pi Project Ideas For The Engineer In You

Raspberry is a development board that has made a lot of noise since its introduction to the public. The cost and the wide support...

New Motor Drivers that Boost Runtime of Battery-Powered Devices for the IoT

With the expansion of portable technology in everyday life, new tiny, low-power electric-motor drivers from STMicroelectronics are enabling sophisticated battery-powered equipment to become smaller...

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