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Guide to Buying Quality Mobile Repair Tools

Tanmay Dasgupta is an Electronics hobbyist and freelance cartoonist & technical writer.

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Mobiles are the most used gadgets now-a-days. Now every elder member of a family & even kids possess at least one handset, while most people own more than one mobile phone. With use of mobiles touching such heights so is the need for repairing it. Due to this the demand & sales of mobile repairing tools have witnessed a massive growth in recent time. But with large numbers of sellers & brands the task of selecting the right quality tools is difficult and confusing. Here I present you a guide to buying tools for mobile repair which will help you to make the right decision in terms of cost while not compromising on the quality of tools at the same time.


The prices shown are for indicative purposes only so please check the price before making a purchase. The products that I have listed here are available at Amazon India and/or Ebay India unless stated otherwise. The prices of some of the items may be higher than their equivalents available at local market of your city. So before making a purchase I advise you to check the prices at your city stores.

Mentioned below are the list of tools for mobile repair under various categories:

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Soldering/De-soldering Tools:

Under Soldering/De-soldering tools we would be considering two brands (Soldron & Max Gold):

1. Soldron Soldering/De-soldering Tools:

If you are on a budget consider buying Soldron variable wattage micro soldering station. It is priced at Rs 666/- on Industry buying website. Its temperature range is 100 to 450 OC with a temperature accuracy of +/- 10OC. The wattage of the iron is variable from 4 to 18 watts. Its input voltage is 230V/ 50 Hz AC. The iron works at 18V (Max). It has a metallic body & is ESD Safe by design.

The spare soldering iron & needle bit for the above station are priced at Rs 330/- & Rs 59/- on Soldermall and Industry buying websites respectively.

Image Courtesy: Soldermall

A slightly expensive offering from Soldron is Soldron 936 soldering station which is priced at Rs 2153/- on Industry buying website. I would definitely recommend you to buy this station over variable wattage ones as it is much more suitable for delicate & sensitive SMD components you encounter while repairing mobile phones. It offers a temperature range of 200 to 450 OC. The iron works at 24V while the input voltage of the station is 230V/50Hz AC. It is a 60 Watt station & ESD Safe by design.

The spare soldering iron & needle bit for the above station are priced at Rs 860/- & Rs 105/- on Industry buying & Soldermall websites respectively.

For soldering/de-soldering BGA chips & for various other types of rework you need a SMD hot air rework station like Soldron 878D. It is priced at Rs 6950/- on Soldermall. It offers two types of tools – hot air blower & soldering iron – in a single unit. Its circuit is MCU controlled & the heater shuts off automatically when iron or blower is not used for a predefined time interval. The iron unit is 60 watt while the blower consumes 500 watts of power. The units work on 230V/50Hz AC. The temperature range of the iron is from 200 to 450 OC . The air flow rate is 120 litres per minute with accuracy of +/- 1 litre.

The spares for the iron unit of the above station are same as that of Soldron 936 station. The hot air nozzles & hot air blower handle are priced at Rs 225/- & Rs 1596/- on Soldermall & Industry buying websites respectively.

The Soldron tripod PCB holder is a great tool to hold mobile motherboards while working on them. The held motherboard can be rotated 360 degrees which is very convenient during heating various sections of it using hot air blower. It is priced at Rs 288/- on Industry buying website.

The Soldron de-soldering pump is extremely useful tool for correcting your soldering mistakes. It can be used to extract away the wrongly formed solder from soldering connections. It can also be used to correct dry solder joints. It is priced at Rs 129/- on rhydolabz website.

The Soldering fume extractor is an essential item & should not be ignored as it extracts the toxic fumes generated during soldering/de-soldering. The toxic fumes, if inhaled, can cause serious health issues & should be avoided under every circumstance. The Soldron fume extractor is priced at Rs 1350/-(with discounts) on Soldermall website.

The last item from Soldron brand we are looking at is Solder assist tool set. It is useful in holding SMD components in place while soldering, cutting jumper wires & for lot of other applications. It is priced at Rs 500/- on Soldermall Website.


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