Thursday, July 18, 2024

Chip Talk Electronics Components based DIY Kit From KitsNspares

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When you google around or search in Amazon you will find a lot of electronics components based kits at competitive and quite surprising prices. Yes, I am talking about those ₹ 500/- rupees kits. But what those Do-it-yourself (DIY) kits lack is proper documentation, practically useful components & proper project circuit diagrams. You search on internet ends up with very few useful circuits that you can make with parts and components in hand.

Gift yourself or your loved ones this wonderful and amazing Chip Talk Kit and see the creative monster grow within. However, the parts that comes with this kit are meant for 40 fully tested and optimized simple projects that does not involve microcontrollers and programming stuff you can very easily go beyond that, experiment on and can give your grey matter & imagination the truly deserving wings and can create some amazing and awesome projects. The Kit comes loaded with not only full of goodies but a guide book in PDF format (Soft Copy) to help you out. You don’t need to do any kind of internet search. The kit is complete in nearly every term. The guide book supplied in CD medium contains circuit diagrams of those 40 fully tested projects.

Application of the kit in real world scenarios

  1. Your child can use this kit to build inspiring and amazing projects for school/college work or for science exhibitions.

2. You can use this kit professionally to prove your edge over others in the corporate world.

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3. In Research & Development labs.

Components/Parts supplied with the kit

Along with other exciting stuff, the kit contains Breadboard, Hook-up wires and test probes. The green wire shown is however not part of the kit. You can use the hook-up wires supplied to solder to leads of some solderable components and as jumper cables too to establish connection between components using the breadboard (white rectangular board with holes).

The kit contains flat and round red LEDs and white LEDs. You get a large collection of Integrated Circuits (IC Chips), hence the name chip talk, I guess. You get two 7 segment LED displays, three types of magnet wire and a iron core (the round green donut shaped object in the picture). The kit also comes with a 9 Volt Battery & a battery connector, two speakers, a DC toy motor, 3 push- to-ON tactile switches, headers (both male & female), DIP switch, laser pointer with battery, RF (Radio Frequency) Modules etc.

The kit also offers three different voltage relays, two touch plates, two SPDT toggle switches, two condenser microphones, 9V battery snap & Piezo buzzer. Please note that none of the items comes pre-soldered so that you can do it as per your convenience.

The kit contains a huge variety of electrolytic capacitors, Polyester capacitors & variable capacitors, ceramic capacitors, assorted resistors, diodes transistors etc.. The cardboard with values written on it is not part of the kit.

And everything comes packed so well and in a beautiful KitsNspares storage box that this makes it an irresistable offer for every DIY and core electronics enthusiast of all ages.

The Final word

To conclude the kit is equally useful and has large number of applications for not only a beginner but advanced users alike. It’s₹ 3000/- rupees price tag is very justifiable considering the fact that it has so much to offer. Tinkerers what are you waiting for go grab yours from either KitsNspares or Amazon Store. Another great thing is that now you can pay using your PayTm wallet at KitsNspares website.

You can buy the kit from here.



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