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AggreGate SCADA: An Open Source IoT platform

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In this era of the Internet of Things (IoT), an open source data acquisition and high-level supervisory management SCADA system packaged with IoT is a win-win solution for designers. AggreGate SCADA is such an IoT platform that employs networking technology of reigning industry standards.

Features of AggreGate SCADA

The IoT and automation are used for centralised data collection and human-machine interface (HMI) handling. HMIs can be launched on Linux, Windows PC and web browsers, making it a user-friendly open source freeware.

In addition, AggreGate SCADA comes with a bunch of drivers meant for data-collection and HMI vector images. It has a large automation and control symbol library, where symbols are listed in SVG format.

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AggreGate SCADA has all the tools for production, process control and planning that can be customised to the users’ requirements. The tools include models, expressions, queries and classes. These are used to calculate metrics, define KPI formulae for process control, execute SQLs like requests and maintain the large production data, respectively.

Thus, manufacturing and equipment tracking is possible with AggreGate SCADA. It is a smart SCADA system that not only provides data acquisition for manufacturing processes but also helps in IT infrastructure management.

Pump Library components (Image courtesy:
Fig. 1: Pump Library components (Image courtesy:
Electrical Library components (Image courtesy:
Fig. 2: Electrical Library components (Image courtesy:

Boon for production/process engineers

Designers not only get the benefit of controlling, monitoring and configuring different electronic devices but also accumulating the data in the cloud, which can be accessible to all users.

As discussed earlier, it is an IoT based platform and thus it has all the features required in a fourth-generation SCADA. It can run on any embedded system as the system operates on Linux and is based on Java platform.

AggreGate SCADA is a boon to manufacturers for process control, telemetry, test and measurement, and, above all, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and home automation. It can prove to be a backbone for remote monitoring of devices and networking of systems.

Be it IoT application to sensor network service or physical access control to building automation, and GPS monitoring to digital signage, AggreGate SCADA is on its way to create a legacy.

Remote monitoring and substations automation (Image courtesy:
Fig. 3: Remote monitoring and substations automation (Image courtesy:


AggreGate SCADA has a variety of features including monitoring of servers, applications, VoIP, charting, advanced alert system and plugin SDK.

In power engineering, as transmission and distribution get complicated due to increasing demand for power, there is a dire need for system control and remote monitoring, analysis, real-time visualisation, supervision of power generation and many more features.

Home automation system (Image courtesy:
Fig. 4: Home automation system (Image courtesy:

AggreGate SCADA is thus a boon to the growing smart grid industry and its demands.

Smart city is a dream project for many countries where the manual system is converted into automated system. Surveillance and security systems and efficient transportation are the areas where AggreGate SCADA is finding wide usage. It is also being used for wastewater management systems. Thus, AggreGate SCADA is finding use in diverse fields.

HMI operator dashboard (Image courtesy:
Fig. 5: HMI operator dashboard (Image courtesy:

To conclude

AggreGate SCADA provides a wider perspective to designers and manufacturers in all the environments. Thus, fields ranging from petrochemical to agriculture, government, IT infrastructure management, power engineering, mining, centralised cooling management systems, nuclear reactors and telecom are all using AggreGate SCADA.

Download latest version of the software: click here



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