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Logic Friday For Combinatorial Digital Logic Design

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A look-up table for implementing in software

This feature comes in very useful when you have a logic function that needs to be carried forward to software or firmware. Simply choose the ‘generate C look-up function’ tab under operations menu. Logic Friday then creates a stand-alone module that can be added to your source files. You need to specify the size of type ‘unsigned int’ on the processor or compiler for the software to properly distribute output truth values over bits of a data table. You can select how you want the function to be represented and called in C code. Every output will be assigned its own look-up table and don’t care conditions will be considered logic high.

Offering the much needed flexibility

Once done with experimentation and designing the digital logic circuit, Logic Friday save your digital logic design very easily. It simply exports the truth table into an Excel file with a .csv extension. It also saves the gate diagram into an image file in formats such as Windows bitmap (.bmp) or enhanced metafile (.emf).

For logic equation or gate diagram, print these to save a copy. For diagrams that may not be legible in a single page, a road atlas style is followed. It is used to print on two sheets, without losing continuity.

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You can even choose to import a truth table before you begin working on your design (digital logic).

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