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Software For A Smart Home

Software For A Smart Home

Loxone OS

Visit: www.loxone.com
Full version: Free

This is an operating system (OS) developed especially for a smart home and is hundred per cent tailored to Loxone Miniserver, which is the heart of the company’s smart home solution. Configuration is created and loaded onto Miniserver. The software provides easy-to-use building blocks for all the functions needed in a smart home. With online services, a smart home can be enhanced with additional features at any time. Loxone provides accurate weather forecasts, calls from home as an alarm or a reminder in case of an emergency, and allows access to the home from around the world. Weather information can be used to make smart decisions like postponing automatic irrigation due to expected rainfall. Free mailer service informs about any events at home by email, for example, if temperature in the garage drops below zero degrees or the garage door is left open.

IoT Envira DS

Visit: https://enviraiot.com
Full version: Paid

This software provides acquisition, processing and storage of data in real time. Its integration with other applications offers a valuable tool for process optimisation, resource management and decision-making in public administration, Industry 4.0, the environment industry, smart cities, smart farming and smart living. The software has more than 200 applications for all types of sectors, from the petrochemical industry to precision agriculture. It is interoperable with all types of Internet of Things (IoT) systems and platforms.


Visit: www.openhab.org
Full version: Free

It supports more than 200 different technologies and systems in addition to thousands of devices due to its pluggable architecture. The software can be run on macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Windows. It runs on hardware, so does not require any cloud service to work. It keeps data privately at home and talks directly to local devices whenever possible. The software can be integrated with cloud-based smart home platforms like Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.


Visit: www.openmotics.com
Full version: Free

This platform combines affordable open source hardware with modern cloud solutions. It learns from behaviour and can expand to personal needs by subscribing to extra services. It easily configures, monitors and uses every aspect of installation with intuitive interfaces on computers, tablets and smartphones. Its cloud platform offers unique benefits to end users. It gives detailed power measurements to decrease the environmental footprint, and can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Smart Workspace

Visit: www.sogeti.com
Full version: Paid

It meets the organisational needs for a standardised, tightly-controlled and secure workplace that is easy to manage. At the same time, end users can use their own devices to do what they need to do, wherever they are. They can work from anywhere with enhanced mobility solutions, keeping them connected and productive. It provides better control of budgets with a pay-per-use model, and allows users to seamlessly integrate new tools and future service capabilities with legacy systems, delivered via the cloud or in-house on-premises platforms.