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Tools To Tackle Your Digital And Electronic Design Challenges

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Digital Logic Design
This is a software tool for designing and simulating digital circuits. It provides digital parts ranging from simple gates to arithmetic logic units and state machines. Using this software, circuits can easily be converted into reusable modules, which may be used to build more complex circuits like CPUs. This software requires Java 1.7 or above.

Download Digital Logic Design: click here

Fig. 1: Interface of Digital Logic Design tool
Fig. 1: Interface of Digital Logic Design tool

McCAD tools
McCAD tools for electronic designs include three main software components, namely, EDS-Plus Bundle, SimPlus Bundle and 3SPICE. EDS-Plus Bundle is a fully-operational electronic design automation (EDA) system that produces manufacturable outputs. SimPlus Bundle is a fully-operational EDA system that allows you to create and simulate circuits. 3SPICE is a fully-functional circuit simulator based on industry-standard Berkeley SPICE3.

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Download McCAD: click here

Circuit Sandbox (version 1.0)
Circuit Sandbox allows you to visually build Boolean logic circuits and then simulate their operation. You can create custom components from user-designed circuits. The software is written in Java for cross-platform functionality.

Download Circuit Sandbox: click here

ZenitPCB (version 1.8.1)
ZenitPCB suite is for making printed circuit boards (PCBs). It comprises two main components: ZenitCapture and ZenitPCB. ZenitCapture schematic is an easy-to-use tool for creating schematic designs swiftly. ZenitPCB is a tool to create professional-grade PCB layouts. It is completely free to use, limited to 800 pins.

Fig 2
Fig. 2: Creating 4-output demultiplexer component with Circuit Sandbox

ZenitPCB GerberView can be used to view the created Gerber file.

Download ZenitPCB : click here

Osmond PCB (version 1.1.30)
Osmond PCB offers great power and flexibility with artificial limits and restrictions being banished. Particularly designed for Macintosh computers, it allows you to design boards of any size and shape and with as many layers as you want. With a spatial resolution of 10 nanometers, Osmond gives the precision you need. You can place parts anywhere on the board with any orientation. You can also run traces of any width along any path and at any angle. Once your design is complete, Osmond can produce standard Gerber (RS-274X) files and Excellon drill files that fabricators use to make boards.

Download Osmond PCB: click here

Box 1

Elipse SCADA (version 2.29 b151)
By collecting information from any type of device, Ellipse SCADA allows you to monitor and accurately control plant floor processes, machinery and resources, managing production in a quick and efficient way. Real-time data is presented graphically, allowing information to be handled in several ways such as historical queries, reports generation and remote connection.

Download Elipse SCADA: click here

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Fig. 1: Interface of Digital Logic Design tool


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