Friday, February 23, 2024

JOB: Camera Firmware Engineer At Samsung Electronics

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Samsung Electronics

About the job

Computer imaging and vision continues to become a large and important aspect of most of our electronic devices. Samsung Semiconductor has state-of-the-art Camera ISP and Imaging SW/HW pipeline. It supports multiple use cases and businesses such as mobile, automotive etc. It is also capable of leveraging AI using on chip AI accelerators. This is an exciting opportunity for software engineers to develop cutting edge imaging solutions. This role will require development and commercialization of OS middleware for Camera ISP and sensors.

  • Knowledge of camera ISP , RVC , Surround View , camera / camera device / camera sensor / video-camera sensor chip, camera host
  • Firmware Engineer having good understanding of Multitasking Firmware (with RTOS) for ARM based Multimedia accelerators.
  • Strong experience on C . Linux , Device driver / Kernel /BSP
  • Sound experience in development of firmware code for ARM Cortex M/A/R series CPU cores, DMA engines, Interrupt Controller, Timers, Memory management unit etc.Exposure to profiling and performance analysis of hardware blocks and firmware sections.
  • Knowledge of specialized interface e.g. PXA27x and PXA3xx, SuperH, AVR32, i.MX27, i.MX3


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