Friday, June 2, 2023

JOB: Electrical & Electronic Parts Engineer At Maruti Suzuki

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Location: Gurgaon

Company: Marutri Suzuki

Qualification – B.E./B.Tech

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Experience: 2-7 Years


  1. Understanding of Semiconductor Industry, usage in Vehicle components, understanding of semiconductor distribution network,
  2. Scheduling and Planning of semiconductors for future, preparaing strategies and negotiation for higher allocation quantities, Derisking planning etc.
  3. With Experience of purchase in Consumer Electronics Industry e.g. LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony, Phillips etc.
  4. Costing, negotiations and development of new parts. interact with different agencies within the company.
  5. Meet cost reduction targets by VA-VE; Yield improvement, inner parts localization, Annual price negotiations etc.
  6. Hard negotiation skills, perseverance in case of tough challenges and finding new negotiation tactics and strategies
  7. Identification of global vendors to create competition/introduce new technology



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