Sunday, July 14, 2024

Hardware Design Engineer At Thinkerbell Labs In Bengaluru

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Thinkerbell Labs

About the Role

You would be an integral part of our engineering team with heavy contribution towards development of new hardware products and improvement of existing line of products of the company. You would also have the opportunity to grow into owning and spearheading the product development efforts.

What You’ll Do

  • Developing Hardware products that help visually impaired students learn better thereby helping them employable and move closer to independent living.
  • Designing and development of Electronic systems involving microprocessor/microconrollers, SoCs, interfacing circuits for actuators, sensors, communication etc. Designing systems so as to optimize for functionality, reliability, regulatory compliance, cost, TTM, component availability and manufacturability.
  • Ideating, researching, and building hardware framework for new product development. Being able to derive functional block diagram from top level product features identified via user ressearch.
  • Designing Schematic on eCAD Tools and PCB Layout Design.
  • Overseeing prototype fabrication, testing, debugging so as to move design to production.
  • Coordinating with and assisting the production and procurement team with manufacturing. Assisting the team with any process issue, bugs identification and resolution, component testing etc.
  • Visiting vendor sites for production process review, coordinating with vendors to explain functional and quality requirements.
  • Design testing methods and QC stanadrds for systems that move into production.
  • Work with the SW and FW team in understanding how HW, SW and FW will interact and design accordingly.
  • Participate in Lab tests for various compliance requirements such as EMI/EMC, FCC, CE, IEC etc.

What you’ll need to bring to the table?

  • B.Tech/B.E./M.Tech in Electronics/Electronics and Communication with 2+ years of experience.
  • Proven experience of developing microprocessor/microcontroller boards. Knowledge of SoCs like STM32, ESP32, and architectures like ARM Cortex M and A series, x86, Xtensa.
  • Proficiency in any eCAD tools like Altium, KiCAD, Allegro etc and Simulation tools like Proteus ISIS, NI Multisim, Matlab, Keil etc.
  • Knowledge of developing systems involving various communication protocols like WiFi, BT, UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, SDIO, Ethernet, USB, CAN etc.
  • Skill of designing, calculating and simulating electrical circuits involving Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, FETs, BJTs, Opamps, Timers, Gates etc.
  • Knowledge of various circuits like DC-DC converters, Audio Amplifier, Battery Management systems, motor drivers, EMI filters, LDO.
  • Understanding of design and layout principles for compliance with EMI/EMC standards. Knowledge of regulatory complainces and standards under FCC and CE.
  • JTAG, Programming, Debugging. Knowledge of C, Python, Linux, Shell Scripts would be great addition
  • Strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong analytical and quantitative capabilities
  • Self-starter and entrepreneurial spirit.


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