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AI and Machine Learning are Popularly Chosen Domains for Reskilling

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Digital age certification courses in AI, machine learning, big data and data science domains contribute to the promotion of the respondents

Edtech company Simplilearn has announced the findings of the Career Impact Survey 2018, aimed at analysing the impact of professional certifications and reskilling among working professionals in India.

The survey reveals that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are emerging as one of the popular domains chosen for reskilling, followed by big data and data science domains. Where approximately 25 per cent of respondents choose AI and machine learning while around 20 per cent of them go for the big data and data science.

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How have new age certification courses helped?

For a company’s survival, it has become crucial for professionals to upgrade their skills in the ongoing digital transformation to meet the latest industry demands.

According to the survey, certification courses have helped around 31 per cent of professionals to enhance their performance, gain manager and peer appreciation. While 40 per cent of respondents who have taken certification courses, admitted feeling more confident at work.

The survey also discovered that 44 per cent of respondents have faced pay raise due to reskilling and certification courses while 32 per cent of the respondents were able to move to other departments within their organisation in a positive way. When it comes to job searches, 62 per cent of professionals found that these certifications have widened their prospect of finding new jobs.

Future Demand for professional’s digital transformation

With organisations around the world adapting to digital transformation, professionals want to hone their technological skills. Over the next three to six months, 67 per cent of the respondents want to collectively sharpen their skills in big data, data science, AI, machine learning and cloud computing.

In addition to technical skills, 55 per cent of the respondents are keen to improve their managerial skills, followed by problem-solving skills. The survey outlines how impactful certification courses and reskilling are for professionals who want to acquire the right skills for career advancement opportunities.


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