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Things Students of Design Should Know About Product Design

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In today’s world, if something looks good, it will sell. First impression matters and design is a product’s first impression. Whatever that product may be, if it is not pleasing to the eye, it will indeed be quite difficult to sell. As shallow as it may sound, but it is the reality of this era. Even something as worthy as a diamond will not sell if the presentation looks horrendous. In such a scenario it is difficult to impress the customer, and hence convert the lead.

The importance of design on both micro and macro level helps students in grabbing more opportunities in Bachelors of Design (B Des) program. It is critical to understand the psyche of the consumers and use the insights when designing a product.

Remember, a product has two pillars on which its success stands: Product (Design) and Packaging (Wrapping). It is easy to find many great ideas that failed. It was because they concentrated only on the product and forgot to work on its pitch. A well-designed product does two things well: It catches customers’ attention, and then it precisely conveys what the product is all about. In other words, a great design gets the right message out to the customers.

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A Good Design Vs. An Average Design

A good design is essential for the success of a product. However, what is a good design and how is it different from an average or a bad one?

Essentially, good design becomes invisible because it has no flaws to highlight. It is functional and straightforward. An average design is opposite of that.

Let’s take an example of Apple MacBook Air. It is expensive, it has its fair share of restriction as compared to a windows laptop, and yet people who can afford both will go for Apple. The reason is simple; Apple designed the product with perfection. When other brands were offering various colours in laptops, Apple offered a sleek design; a design which is hard to miss.

Apple successfully created a bond with consumers through its design. They made their product unique by concentrating a little more on its looks. Any laptop other than Apple would be hard to recognise without seeing its logo. However, it is easy to spot an Apple laptop even in a call centre where there are hundreds of other laptops and one Apple laptop. That is the power of a good design!

Importance of A Good Design

Imagine purchasing a microwave. The budget and requirements are set, and the salesman shows two products of different brands. They are both equally priced, have the same features, similar warranties, and both the brands are promising. The one that is more pleasing to the eye is often the choice of the customers. In other words, opting the one with a better design. Concentrating on design principles can make or break a sale.

Giving the X Factor to the Product

Let’s discuss the packaging of the product.

Suppose there is a well-built product that has a high demand. The design is good; it is user-friendly and highly functional. The only thing going wrong at this point is the packaging of the product.

Design students should break the notion that the ‘design’ is only limited to the product and packaging plays an equally important role in the success of the product.

The first thing which a customer sees after getting the product delivered is its box. Packaging is the first impression, and it is important to make it count. If the customer is dissatisfied with the packaging, there will be a negative connotation attached even before seeing the product. On the other hand, if the customer is impressed with the packaging, there is a good chance that even with some minor flaws, the customer will be opening the product with positive emotions.
Build well, design well, and pack well – The mantra to the success of a product!

Making Product ‘The Eye Candy’

Just like Apple, many other brands focused on giving their product a perfect eye pleasing look to make it a success. Let’s take an example of JBL speakers.

What do JBL speakers have that are different from other available speakers? The disco lighting that speaks volume and sets the perfect mood for a house party. That’s their X-factor which is working like a charm.

Alternatively, let’s talk about Absolut Vodka.

It is one of the prettiest eye-catching bottles ever to put on bar shelves. People include Absolut Vodka because it looks good sitting on the bar counter and gives a premium vibe to a party.

Remember Students; It Is Always Day 1 in Product Design

Students studying or thinking of applying to a B Des program should know that no matter what they do after completing the course, the demand of the customers are always changing rapidly. It is crucial to constantly in touch with the needs of the consumers. Furthermore, it is essential to pursue the B Des course from a university that has an industry-aligned program. It keeps students in touch with the reality of design and communication. Universities like UPES lay particular emphasis on curriculum that helps students in understanding design at its fundamental level. Not only does it help in better reasoning, but it also helps in preparing students to take on future challenges in the design industry.

The design must keep on changing with time and demand. It is always day 1 in R&D of design, and there is always a scope to improve, grow, and perfect it more.

By: Vaibhav Khanna


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