Monday, June 17, 2024

HW Test Engineer At Vitesco In Bengaluru

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The Job is closed. Check the latest active jobs here.

Location: Bengaluru

Company: Vitesco

Purpose of Position

A HW LAB Tester, who can give LAB support to the HW engineers / Projects. Like Soldering and DE soldering of Electronic components, making modification to ECU samples, Shipment of ECUs, Preparation of wiring Harness, Debugging, Preparation of Load boxes, Maintenance of Lab equipment like Power supply, Oscilloscope, Multimeter, function generator, Thermal Chamber etc. Maintaining 5S & support during LAB audit

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  • Validation Engineer
  • Electric Drive Test
  • BMS “Battery Management System” product testing
  • Hardware Test design development
  • NI “National Instruments“ Test System
  • Environmental and EMC testing
  • Automotive experience around ~2 Years
  • Electric Drive or Battery Management system test experience ~2 years


  • Embedded hardware testing 
  • Power Electronics Product testing

Principal Accountabilities

  • 3 to 5 years’ experience in design/development as a HW Tester
  • Diploma in Electronics Engineering or equivalent

Experience in following:

  • Handling   and maintenance of measurement equipment (oscilloscopes, signal generators, Power supply and other lab equipment)
  • Knowledge on different types of Electronic components
  • Procurement of Electronic components online or offline for LAB use
  • Soldering and De soldering of SMD components
  • Rework on PCB’s. Making Prototypes.
  • Independent rework by following work instructions and PCB CAM files
  • Use of multimeter for continuity check of wires and PCB tracks.
  • Making wiring harness and Load box.
  • Maintaining 5S
  • Knowledge on Connector and pin assembly
  • Mechanical task like Opening of ECU housings, use of Electric hand Drills etc
  • Logistics like Shipment of ECUs to internal and external customers worldwide


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