Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Embedded & Controls Systems Engineer at Peer Robotics

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Location: Gurugram

Company: Peer Robotics

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Role Overview

The Embedded Systems Engineer will operate both as an entrepreneur and an advanced individual contributor. Using a broad range of skill sets and practical experience in successfully developing firmware for embedded modules having microcontrollers, microprocessors, or FPGAs. The role would require a strong understanding of the controls and communication protocols for developing system controllers, motor controls, and auxiliary systems/sensing modules. The role will require exceptional communication skills, to understand requirements and pain points from hardware and software teams, and build optimized solutions to empower both teams.

Desired Experience: Successfully developed firmware for an embedded system with ARM/AVR microcontroller, developed drivers for communication on CAN bus, and implemented motor controls.

Selection Process

  • Introductory round to informally know each other better.
  • Behavioral Evaluation
  • Technical round with live or take-home assignment to understand the approach and skillset
  • Larger team meetings and discussion

First 90 Days

The first 30 days will be focused on getting a deep understanding of the existing system, embedded firmware stack (PLC, IMU Sensor, Motor Controls), existing challenges, and goals
30-90 days would be focused on architecting and kicking off the development of motor control for integrating a new set of motors & controllers, taking part in hardware design and firmware development of system controllers and sensing/actuation systems, facilitating them to existing ROS-based architecture.

What we are looking for (you do not need to meet 100%)

  • Expert in C, Python, and C++ with experience in launching 2-3 industrial-grade modules
  • Expert in communication protocols like I2C, SPI, U(S)ART, Modbus, CAN, EtherCAT, etc.
  • Experienced in microcontrollers like ARM, AVR, PIC, etc.
  • Experienced in working with hardware like motor controllers, and inertial measurement sensors.
  • Experienced with electronic circuits, and components
  • Experienced in ROS framework
  • Field experience in deploying/working with robots in industry environments
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strategic thinker who is also hands-on to get results
  • The ability to work well in a fast-paced, distributed environment is crucial.
  • Experience in product development for at least 2-3 embedded systems


  • You will take responsibility for large-sized projects.
  • You will take full responsibility for core modules essential for the product’s success
  • Work extremely closely with electrical design, hardware, and software development teams
  • This will include design and architecture, evaluating and deciding which framework/language/data store/tools to use, preparing roadmaps, and timely delivery.

Perks and Benefits

  • Opportunity to be a part of a small team changing the way industrial automation exists
  • Complete freedom to explore and develop innovative solutions to our embedded systems
  • Be a leader and build your own team as we expand
  • Competitive salary
  • Equity options
  • Flexible working hours and schedules


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