Monday, April 22, 2024

JOB: System Design Engineer- Memory Systems At Western Digital

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Western Digital

Job Description

Essential Duties And Responsibilities:

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  • Perform NAND flash storage based systems design, analysis, integration and verification from product definition and planning through production and release
  • Responsible for NAND flash system level behavior characterizations
  • Participates in cross functional meetings such as with memory, firmware and product line teams to develop flash storage products
  • Provides feedbacks on new system features for next generation memory developments


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree from Electrical/Electronics/Computer science preferred
  • Knowledge of programming in high level languages (e.g. C, C++, Python) is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Semiconductor physics and Computer Architecture is a plus
  • Knowledge of flash media management techniques is a plus
  • Knowledge of storage interfaces such as SATA and PCIe is a plus
  • Experience in SSD reliability and testing is a plus
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
  • Strong team player who can collaborate with colleagues


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