Friday, April 12, 2024

Architect At Flipkart

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About the role

Architects at Flipkart are responsible for driving Technology; Good Practices in Engineering in their respective teams. We are a rapidly growing; constantly improving the organization. We seek very high levels of ownership in all individuals, especially roles like this – ownership of systems in your team and their impact on the entire Flipkart eco-system. Going beyond your role & contributing to make the organization; business better is an expectation. Actively participate in development along with team members for as much as 75% of their time, creating modules & systems that can then be treated as a working reflection of the best practices.

What you’ll do

  • Participating in code reviews, design reviews, architecture discussions
  • Being responsible for Scaling, Performance & Quality for the team
  • Setting up best practices to help the team achieve the above and constantly thinking about improving technology use are your responsibilities. Driving the adoption of these best practices around coding, design, quality, performance in your team
  • Experiment with new & relevant technologies and tools, and drive adoption while measuring yourself on the impact you are able to create
  • Responsible for the architecture of your product; ensuring it is aligned to the requirements and the charter
  • Creating architectures; designs for new solutions around existing and new problem spaces at Flipkart.

What you’ll need

  • Technical Breadth – Exposure to a wide variety of problem spaces, technologies.
  • Very Strong System design and OO skills with a nifty ability to craft clean interfaces and operate at the right levels of abstraction
  • Solid coding skills with the ability to drive teams through massive refactoring exercise &; improve coding standards across large codebases
  • Good knowledge, understanding & experience of working with a large variety of multi-tier architectures. Awareness of pitfalls; use cases for a large variety of solutions
  • Experience of high-performance web-scale & real-time response systems
  • Exposure to complete product development cycles – From inception to production to scaling up, supporting new requirements,re-architectures – the Architects should have seen it all. Should have been part of scalable product development cycles with either large data handling or large transaction processing exposure for 3+ years
  • Must be comfortable working in fuzzy environments – where boundaries aren’t clearly defined

Skills Required

Build next-generation web applications that are efficient, reusable front-end abstractions and systems.

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