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Hardware – Test Engineer At Sleepiz

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In this role, you will support our Pune hardware team in the development of our Sleepiz device electronic components and systems. You will be involved in a range of activities from inventory management to device debugging to ensuring that our device reaches our customers safely and soundly. We are seeking a hands-on individual who can work independently and operate with a problem solving mindset.

Note: We are only seeking candidates who are already based out in Pune, or can relocate to Pune as soon as possible.*

Roles & Responsibilities

What You Will Do

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  • Plan and setup test bench for measurement
  • Perform measurements on prototypes and PCBA debugging
  • Create test and measurement setups
  • Calibrate and maintain hardware lab equipment
  • Upkeep hardware equipment inventory, components and support
  • Plan and manage logistics, storage, testing and transportation of our devices
  • Generate and manage purchase orders and relevant communications for Sleepiz
  • Repair PCBAs in collaboration with the hardware team
  • Perform manual soldering and wiring of the boards for debugging purpose, as required


Qualifications and experience:

  • You have a Professional degree in Electronics or a related field.
  • You have prior experience as a test/lab engineer or in PCBA prototyping

Skill sets:

  • You have done product level functional and firmware testing or lab measurements
  • You have good understanding of electronic circuits and PCBAs and measurement setups
  • You have prior knowledge of lab equipment and tools used in testing
  • You have prior knowledge of Microsoft Office tools
  • You have good English speaking and written skills
  • You are process oriented and can work independently

Extra awesome if you have:

  • Manual soldering skills
  • Experience with any PCB design tool
  • Basic understanding of python and C/C++ coding
  • Developed test protocols for product or functional testing
  • Basic understanding of communication protocols such as SPI, I2C, UART, etc.
  • Experience of interacting with manufacturing vendors

Location: Pune

Company: Sleepiz

The Job is closed. Check the latest active jobs here.


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