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Traction Power Engineer At Alstom In Bengaluru

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Purpose of the Job

To define the power schemes and to design electrical components for traction drives or auxiliary converter systems

Position in the Organization

  • Organization Reporting
  • Hierarchical responsible: Power Domain Leader or Traction System Manager
  • Functional responsible: Traction or Auxiliary PrEM

Network & Links

Strong link with others Power Design Engineers. In order to use and deploy the same development methods and ensure synergies, coordination and maximum carry-over between traction drives or auxiliary converter systems, the Power Design Engineer shall follow instructions given by the Power Skill Leader.

Under supervision of the PrEM, the Power Design Engineer shall carry out his mission in a tender, project, product or R&D team. He / She is linked with other technical domains (mechanical design, control-command, validation, RAMS), and with Sourcing and Quality departments

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Performance Measurement/KPI’s

  • No change requests due to design issues in power field
  • Work-packages achieved according to budget and planning



  • Uses the design rules for Power
  • Uses standard design deliverables for Power
  • Uses the standards tools in line with Alstom expectations and rules
  • Contributes to define rules and standard design deliverables
  • Contributes to write knowledge guidelines
  • Contributes to Return of Experience on power schemes and Electrical components

Tender, product, project or R&D development

  • Calculates electrical or thermal constraints related to all components of the power scheme (use MATLAB, SABER, MATHCAD or CITHEL tools) to fulfil all customer and normative requirements. Write corresponding design reports
  • Define the interfaces of electrical components with mechanical department
  • Specifies the electrical components of the traction drives or auxiliary converters
  • Power electronic components (IGBT, diodes, …)
  • Switchgear
  • Traction motors
  • Passive components (inductors, transformers, capacitors, resistors, busbars, …)
  • Interface components with control electronics (sensors, gate drives, relays, …)
  • Participates in design review with suppliers
  • Participates in the business award and components qualification
  • Specifies the power requirements to be exported to the control/command engineer (flux law, torque law, PWM strategy, protection thresholds, …)
  • Participates in the definition of validation tests of the power scheme with the validation engineer
  • Participates in investigation tests
  • Contributes to the problem solving
  • Prepares the power design reviews in accordance with DFQ system
  • Participates in technical core team meetings

Knowledge & Experience

  • Master degree in electrical engineering
  • Aptitude to communicate in English

Location: Bengaluru

Company: Alstom




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