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Metallic Component & Tooling Engineer – Power System At Schneider Electric

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Schneider Electric

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Roles & Responsibilities

  • Stamping, Sheet Metal & Metallic Part Manufacturing Process
  • Define Manufacturing Process for Parts including ST/HT.
  • Define Tool Specification in detail for Stamping Parts
  • Define economic Process for Machined/Metal Parts
  • Define economic Strip/Sheet Layout to reduce scrap and achieve best possible cost for Stamping Parts
  • Estimate Tool & Parts cost for budgeting/ benchmarking.
  • Define Part Qualification and Tool validation requirements.
  • Prepare Parts / Tool Qualification schedule to meet Project timeline

Development of new Tools / Parts (follow Part Development Procedure)

  • Attend Part Design review with Design team. Do the Dimensional Feasibility study and
  • Manufacturing Feasibility Study. Provide necessary feedback to the design team based on the outcome of feasibility study to update the drawing and specifications.
  • Prepare and maintain “Technical File” for each Part.
  • Prepare “PPEP File” religiously o Prepare detailed Specification for the Tools for stamping Parts. Prepare Process Sheet for Machined Parts.
  • Send RFQs through Purchase for Tools and Part.
  • Conduct Prelaunch meetings with the Supplier identified
  • Coordinate with Purchase and Finalize Supplier and Price (Tool and Part cost for Stamping Parts, Development Cost and Part cost for machined Parts)
  • Conduct Technical Meetings with Supplier and Finalise Production Process, Development Schedule etc in accordance with the Project Target.
  • Work closely with Supplier and validate all the steps from Tool design to Tool qualification for Stamping parts. Validate process planning, Production process, Prototyping for metallic Parts
  • Ensure quality of the Tool developed will meet specified Tool life, consistent part quality and production capacity etc for stamping parts
  • For metallic parts, ensure the process selected and process parameters will meet the specified part quality, production capacity consistently.
  • Attend Stamping Tool trials and ensure the parts submission for FAIR are alike the actual production condition. o Present at the Supplier place during initial trial of critical process for metal parts and ensure the process parameters are stabilised before the parts are taken for submission to =S= for approval
  • Work closely with Supplier for qualification of the parts within maximum of two loops o Inspection and validation of the Tools developed,
  • Maintenance of all documents for each Part (Process flow, Tool design, Tool and Part qualification report, RMTC, ST/HT Test report, PPQR etc) both in soft & hard wherever possible

Productionising new Tools

  • Tool and Process setting at the part supplier’s place
  • Participate PPEP at Part Supplier’s place
  • Reach targeted process cycle time
  • Handover the Tool/Part and Support Plant for the first three Industrial lot and ensure on Part’s consistent quality and trouble-free performance of the Tool.

Technical support

  • Attend and resolve major quality problems / breakdowns related to tools & process whenever required
  • Implement design change
  • Support to set-up Tool / Process during Part’s supplier changed
  • Support Team members as and when required
  • Support R&D & Plants as and when required


  • Manage workload and priorities between the Projects allotted
  • Manage Technical and Tool & Part development file
  • Manage Investment
  • Monitor & report Tool / Part development progress against the targeted dates


  • Train and Coach the suppliers to meet =S= requirements
  • Share the knowledge / experience with team members


  • Thorough knowledge on Tool design, Tooling raw material, Tool manufacturing, Tool and Part costing and Presses
  • Through Knowledge of Precision Part manufacturing process
  • Knowledge of metrology, SPC etc,
  • Knowledge on Post Stamping and Post machining Operation (ST/HT etc)
  • Knowledge on Product and functional requirement and criticality of the Parts


Tool Engineer with minimum 5 years of experience in Tool design, Tool manufacturing, Stamping and Precision machined metal Parts


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