Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Printed Circuit Board Designer At Sputnik Brain In Bengaluru

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The Job is closed. Check the latest active jobs here.

About The Job

I. Advanced PCB Design and Layout:

  • Lead the design and layout of high-density printed circuit boards (PCBs) for complex medical devices.
  • Implement industry-best practices for signal integrity, thermal management, and miniaturization in PCB designs.

II. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Design:

  • Ensure EMC compliance by implementing shielding, grounding, and noise reduction techniques in PCB designs.
  • Collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams to address EMC challenges and optimize the performance of electronic systems.

III. Multilayer PCB Stackup Design:

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  • Design and optimize multilayer PCB stackups to meet the stringent requirements of Sputnik Brain’s advanced medical devices.
  • Collaborate with electrical and mechanical engineers to achieve optimal signal routing and component placement.

IV. DFM and DFT Implementation:

  • Implement Design for Manufacturability (DFM) principles to optimize the PCB manufacturing process.
  • Incorporate Design for Testability (DFT) features to facilitate efficient testing and validation of electronic systems.

V. Collaboration with Hardware and Software Teams:

  • Work closely with hardware and software engineering teams to ensure seamless integration of PCBs into overall system architecture.
  • Collaborate on component selection and footprint creation to align with the functional requirements of Sputnik Brain’s medical devices.

VI. Rapid Prototyping Support:

  • Provide rapid prototyping support by generating PCB prototypes for evaluation and testing.
  • Collaborate with testing teams to iterate designs based on feedback and performance results.

VII. Component Library Management:

  • Manage and maintain an up-to-date component library, ensuring accurate footprints and symbols for efficient PCB design.
  • Collaborate with component suppliers to stay informed about new components and technologies.

VIII. Design Verification and Testing:

  • Conduct design verification tests to ensure the functionality and reliability of PCB designs.
  • Collaborate with quality assurance teams to address any issues and implement improvements.

IX. Regulatory Compliance Documentation:

  • Generate comprehensive documentation related to PCB design, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Collaborate with regulatory affairs to facilitate the regulatory approval process for Sputnik Brain’s medical devices.


  • Demonstrated experience in advanced PCB design for complex electronic systems.
  • Strong understanding of electromagnetic compatibility, design for manufacturability, and design for testability.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively in a team and contribute to the success of Sputnik Brain’s advanced medical device outcomes.


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