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Systems Engineer- Systems Studies At General Electric

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Location: Bangalore

Company: General Electric

Job Description Summary

Systems engineering is a cross-functional engineering discipline centered on an approach, mindset, and process. All activities that consider both the business and the technical needs of the customers with the goal of providing a quality product that meets the users needs.

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The discipline that executes a robust process of design, creation, and optimization of systems, consisting of identification and quantification of system requirements, creation of alternate system design concepts, performance of design trade studies, selection and implementation of the best designs and verification that the design is properly integrated and executed. Process that proceeds from concept to production to operation.

Accountable for the quality of own work. Subject to direct operations supervision/prescribed work instructions/systems checking. Executes within a well-defined operations framework. There is generally a step by step sequence of standard operational tasks which need to be followed to achieve an end result.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Insulation Coordination Studies: Determination (by simulation) of temporary and transient overvoltage stresses on equipment and surge arrester energy ratings.
  • Network studies: Confirmation of the correct interaction between the equipment, its control system and the rest of the network.
  • Losses: Calculation of overall project losses and reporting to the client.
  • Provide guidance and coordinate the engineering tasks to meet the project/tender requirement.
  • Technical responsibility in areas of expertise
  • Development and Industrialization: Develop and industrialize solutions tools and processes associated with the engineering activities identified above.
  • Be actively involved in new developments in HVDC technologies, implementing control and protection solutions and creating / delivering new analysis techniques and system study tools in order to provide optimized system study solutions.
  • Process Improvement: Review and record design processes and develop new or improved processes.
  • Enforce engineering discipline and set processes across all work tasks and adherence to company policies, quality procedures and work instructions (e.g. through trainings, technical reviews).
  • Represent the business in external events by publishing technical papers
  • Apply yourself towards improving your technical knowledge base and keep abreast of relevant methodologies and technological advancement within the Company.
  • Support and mentor other engineers to increase the team’s technical knowledge and competence
  • Values: Comply with the GE Values Charter
  • Report or resolve any non-conformances in a timely manner.
  • Identify and evaluate EHS risks in the team area and implement practical measures.
  • Set the example by demonstrating the proper acts and actively observe work conditions and behaviors, giving constructive feedback and celebrating EHS effective prevention.
  • Actively participate in defining corrective actions when work is unsafe or when an uncontrolled risk is observed.
  • Routinely observe routines and behaviors of others and provide immediate feedback regarding unsafe behavior and celebrates achievements or safe behaviors.
  • Actively and routinely promote the identification of hazards and near misses to their team/s.

Qualifications / Requirements

  • Educated with an Engineering degree (or equivalent) including power systems and power electronics subjects (minimum 2:1) with proven professional experience and technical expertise in the field of power system engineering and preferably in HVDC System Studies.
  • Knowledge of network or transient studies for HVDC/FACTS/Renewable Energy/Inverter based Power Systems
  • Knowledge of system tools like PSCAD, PSS/E, DigSilent etc.
  • Insulation co-ordination and main equipment characteristics for HVDC
  • An expertise of the use of computer mathematical and simulation tools as applied to the design of the aforementioned activities
  • A general understanding of the characteristics of HVDC Valves and their control & protection systems.
  • Presentation ability

Desired Characteristics

  • Able to work to deadlines with high quality, sense of urgency and delivery
  • Good technical communication skills
  • Self-motivating, proactive and results driven approach
  • Strong problem-solving and root cause identification skills
  • Precise documentation
  • Ability to be a team player and to work independently
  • “Professional” approach to engineering delivery
  • Right first-time culture & attitude

The Job is closed. Check the latest active jobs here.


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