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Top 5 Mistakes In Your Resume That Can Snatch Away Your Engineering Job

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It goes without saying that your resume reflects yourself and your credibility’. Despite modern advances, it is worth noting that the whole concept of resume (different from Curriculum Vitae) has remained traditional. Therefore, with your resume serving as your business card, you need to take care of certain aspects, even though minor, which could get you off the minds of recruiters.

Now, remember that a resume is applicable to all levels of employees and across sectors; ranging from freshers to the senior level job-seekers. This list also includes engineers. In a bid to guide engineers (freshers as well as the professionals in eliminating resume mistakes, we spoke to multiple human resource experts who have detailed the below aspects to be avoided and followed before sharing profiles with recruiters:

No Proof reading = no job

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As per Joseph Devasia of Anal International (a leading recruitment firm) who specialises in senior executive recruitment assignments for both medium and large-scale companies, proof-reading is equivalent to cleaning of hands upon having food. Joseph cautions job-seekers to always proof-read multiple times before sending resumes via emails (to recruiters).

Remember that spelling errors reflects carelessness and lack of attention for finer details. Neglecting this could lead to instant rejection form the recruiter.

This is seconded by a seasoned senior recruiter at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Bangalore who offered insights on the condition of anonymity. The recruiter also claimed to have directly (and unilaterally) closed communication with even experienced engineering job-seekers as their resumes were not proof-read reflecting glaring errors.

Over reliance on the internet

You are better off using the INTERNET as only a basic reference to a resume format. Do not copy and use the same format. Experts caution job-seekers from falling prey to this dangerously surging trend.

“Stereo typed internet copied resumes are very cliché and are a strict no-no today”, states Priyaa Arya, mentor and counsellor at Bangalore-based Banjara Academy which is a leading career counselling firm.

It is also essential to use the same font size and type in the resume. “Different fonts should be preferred only in case a major career achievement has to be highlighted.”, states Purnima Ganesh – director of programs, Banjara Academy.

Before everything, have a professional sounding email id

Strange, yet true. Recruiters believe that a professional sounding email id is one of the key essentials for an impressive resume. This means that it is best if you avoid ids such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and more.

Joseph Devasia states that it is best for senior professionals to avoid email ids like the ones above. “Well there’s nothing wrong with it however sometimes these email addresses are embarrassing as they have some funny adjectives that go along with it and as senior professionals you wouldn’t have to be embarrassed because of a juvenile email address.”, emphasises Joseph.

“It’s advisable to have a separate email address for business use on only”.


  1. I know most of the freshers make mistakes at start of their career but Some extent of mistakes are okay, but be careful about terrible blunders at the start of your career and you have provided us some wiser tips to avoid these mistakes, so thanks a lot for this wonderful article, going to save this for sure.


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