Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Udacity and Google Launch Free Career Courses

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To help students to go from learning to landing a job, Udacity has partnered with Google to launch free career courses for interview preparation, resume writing, strengthening their LinkedIn network and more.

The free career courses focus on helping participants to improve their chances of getting a job. The courses not only aim to help students but mid-career professionals as well who are looking for a career change, older workers planning to return to the workforce and anyone who is looking ahead to a job search.

All about free career courses

These new courses will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from helping the participants to refresh their resumes and write the cover letter to giving tips for optimising GitHub profile and enlarging LinkedIn network. Along with these, there are some free technical courses too. They will offer a course for ‘Data Structures and Algorithms in Python’ as well as course on Swift for technical interviews.

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People from Udacity believes that the next-generation of talent that will enter the job market will possess a diverse range of skills but, will also face a lot of competition. Hence they are going to need every resource they can get to make sure that they are able to compete successfully for available roles. With these courses, the participants will also get familiar with rapidly-shifting hiring landscape.

These programmes are built in association with industry experts with an aim to ensure that the participants will master the most valuable and in-demand skills. The courses that are the results of this collaboration are: refresh your resume, craft your cover letter, optimise your GitHub, enlarge your LinkedIn network and brand. For people in the technical field, there are some additional courses also such as data structures and algorithms in Python and Swift for technical interviews, interview preparation for data science, front-end, android, Virtual reality, full stack and iOS.


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