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1 kW DC/DC Converter Reference Design

With its advanced design, this high-power, bidirectional DC/DC converter is a key component in optimizing vehicle efficiency and performance. 

The dual board net systems in modern automobiles, incorporating both 12 V and 48 V buses, have led to the increasing significance of high-power, bidirectional 48 V to 12 V DC/DC converters. These converters are fundamental components in the architecture of contemporary vehicles, playing a crucial role in optimizing overall vehicle efficiency. They facilitate energy transfer between the 12 V and 48 V batteries based on the vehicle’s electrical demands and the batteries’ state of health.

A prominent design in this category is a 1 kW, 48 V to 12 V buck-boost converter named as 1KW-DCDC-48V12V by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc , which consists of two modular power stages, each capable of handling 500 W. The symmetrical interleaving of both phases minimizes current ripple, enhancing the system’s efficiency. Additionally, each phase is equipped with protection MOSFETs that provide isolation in case of failure and limit inrush current, ensuring the safety and reliability of the system. The converter’s ability to automatically switch between buck and boost operation, coupled with a switching frequency of 185 kHz, results in a compact and efficient design.

The converter is designed for bidirectional operation, ensuring efficient power conversion in both directions. It operates on a 2-phase interleaved basis, which ensures smoother power delivery and reduces ripple. The device intelligently selects between buck and boost modes, depending on the required voltage conversion, to maintain optimal performance. Voltage and current regulation is employed to maintain stable output and protect connected devices. Inrush current control, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection are integral features that safeguard the system against various electrical anomalies.

Key components of the converter include the IHDM-1107BB-x0 inductor, known for its efficiency in power conversion applications, and high-quality MOSFETs such as the SQJQ112E, SQJA90EP, and SQJQ140E, chosen for their superior switching performance. The WSLP2726 shunt is used for precise current measurement, enhancing control capabilities. Other critical components include the IHLP-6767GZ-5A inductor, the 182 CPHZ capacitor, and the T51 vPolyTan™ capacitor, each contributing to the device’s high-performance characteristics.

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The converter finds applications across various sectors, including the automotive industry, where it is used in electric vehicle power management and advanced driver-assistance systems. It is also employed in industrial and server computing for power supplies, control systems, and energy management solutions. In the realm of networking, telecom, and base station power supplies, the converter supports communication infrastructure by providing stable and reliable power. It is utilized in electric vehicle (EV) test environments, aiding in the development and testing of EV technologies. 

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc  has tested this reference design. It comes with a pin diagram,functional ratings etc. You can find additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design, click here.

Akanksha Gaur
Akanksha Gaur
Akanksha Sondhi Gaur is a journalist at EFY. She has a German patent and brings a robust blend of 7 years of industrial & academic prowess to the table. Passionate about electronics, she has penned numerous research papers showcasing her expertise and keen insight.


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