Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Wireless Bluetooth Audio System For Outdoor Use

Want to take your tunes on-the-go? Bluetooth audio systems are great and give you the freedom to take music wherever you go. Instead of buying an expensive sound system, you could design your own low-cost wireless Bluetooth audio system which can connect wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth device. Take a look at these reference designs for further details:-

Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Audio System for Outdoor Use:

This reference design describes a simple and low-cost wireless Bluetooth stereo audio system for outdoor use. The system that can be controlled with any handset device that has a Bluetooth connection and a music player, or with an Apple iPod. This system is claimed to be far less expensive than a sound system you would buy for outdoor use. The Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth stereo headset used in this design has a 3.5mm audio connector, making it very easy to take audio signals from a headset’s PCB and feed signals to the stereo audio amplifier. The audio signal from a Bluetooth headset is connected to an external stereo audio (Class D) amplifier to amplify the signal, to drive two 4 ohm speakers. The system has 20WRMS output power. More on this Reference Design


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