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DSP + ARM Processor Audio Processing Reference Design

The design is equipped with a simple serial user interface, facilitating easy interaction and control. 

The Reference Design TIDEP0069 by Texas Instruments is an advanced audio solution platform, leveraging the 66AK2Gx DSP + Arm processor and the TLC320AIC3106 audio codec. This design encompasses real-time application software, using TI RTOS, to showcase audio processing capabilities on the DSP, enabling the addition of audio effects. The reference design has been thoroughly tested and includes the K2G General Purpose Evaluation Module (GP EVM) hardware reference along with the Processor SDK software.

It has several key features, including programmable 3-band equalization, which allows for precise adjustments of audio frequencies. It also includes bass, mid, and treble gain controls, providing fine-tuning options for different sound preferences. Additionally, it supports out-of-the-box testing with the K2G General Purpose Evaluation Module (GP EVM), ensuring a streamlined setup and evaluation process. Moreover, this design accommodates sample rates ranging from 8 kHz to 96 kHz, catering to a wide range of audio quality requirements.

The design package includes necessary design files, software, a comprehensive getting started guide, and a user guide for software modification and rebuilding. This audio equalizer is suitable for various applications including home audio systems, automotive amplifier systems, soundbars, professional audio equipment, and automated speech recognition (ASR) preprocessing.

It is versatile and can be applied to various domains. It is well-suited for home audio systems, enhancing the listening experience in domestic settings. In automotive amplifier systems, it provides robust audio solutions for in-car entertainment. Soundbars benefit from its capabilities, offering improved sound quality for home theater setups. Professional audio applications also leverage its advanced features for high-fidelity sound production. Additionally, the design is ideal for automated speech recognition (ASR) preprocessing, ensuring accurate and efficient voice command recognition.

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The audio equalizer is engineered for diverse audio applications, such as soundbars and automotive audio amplifiers. The typical setup comprises speakers, headphones, and an audio input source connected to a TI Analog Interface Chip (TLV320AIC3106). The design includes the K2G SoC, which integrates an audio source, speakers, headphones, and a terminal. In the demonstration based on the K2G GP EVM, a PC serves as the terminal and audio source, connected to the SoC through a USB-Serial interface on the K2G GP EVM. This setup features 2GB of DDR3 connected to the K2G SoC DDR interface, providing external RAM for the application.

The audio equalizer application can boot on the SoC using either the S25FL512 flash device connected to the Quad SPI or the SD/MMC card via the SDIO interface on the chip. Additionally, the Cortex-A15 on the K2G SoC can function as the user control interface, allowing designers to use inter-processor communication (IPC) to transmit control messages to the equalizer. This integration offered by the K2G SoC not only reduces cost and saves board space but also facilitates the sharing of external memory and MSMC between the C66x and A15 cores.

The TI Audio Equalizer design capitalizes on the TI 66AK2Gx DSP+Arm System on Chip (SoC) and its peripherals. The 66AK2Gx SoC is a high-performance, highly integrated device, rooted in the TI KeyStone II Multicore SoC architecture. This SoC features the performance-optimized Arm Cortex®-A15 and a C66x DSP core, tailored to address the processing and system-level integration needs of automotive audio, high-performance audio applications, and industrial communications and control.

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TI has tested this reference design. It comes with a bill of materials (BOM), schematics, etc. The additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design, click here.

Akanksha Gaur
Akanksha Gaur
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