Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Reference Design For A Capacitive Proximity Detector

Do you want to control your music or lighting with just a wave of your hand? This reference design from Texas Instruments (TI) will enable you to control devices by using hand gestures. The reference design is suitable for use in automotive applications, industrial setups or for home usage.

The TIDM-PROXIMITYSENSING is a reference design which employs a Value Line MSP430 MCUs (MSP430G2xx) with unique PinOsc capability. The reference design can detect hand gestures up to 10 cm. It uses capacitive proximity sensing which is an extension of the capacitive touch solution. The extension is an increase in sensitivity to detect the small changes in capacitance associated with objects at a certain distance from, instead of coming in contact with, the electrode. The housing and application (battery-powered) limit the size of the electrode and the ground coupling, so the performance is enhanced with a 32-bit software solution to provide the detection distance required.

This reference design has been tested by TI. It comes with comprehensive software, firmware libraries, tools, battery, etc. You can find additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design click here.


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