Friday, June 14, 2024

Reference Design For Automotive Side Mirrors Motor Control

Reference design by Texas Instruments (TI) for a simple motor driver for power folding side mirrors for automobiles.

Rear view mirror and side mirrors are one of the most essential part of a car or other larger vehicle that enables the driver to check the road and traffic of the rearside of a car. While the rear view mirror is placed inside the cabin of the car which makes it easy to adjust, the side mirrors are placed outside the vehicle that makes it difficult to open and close. In order to simplify the task and automate the process of closing or opening the side mirrors, Texas Instruments have created a reference design that can enable a user to open or close the side window from the cabin itself.

TIDA-00145 from TI is a reference design for the motor driver of an auto folding mirror. This design features two evaluation modules (EVMs) to enable an easy-to-use platform to demonstrate the capability and performance of motor drivers for power-folding side mirrors.
The reference design offers various built-in automotive protection features such as overcurrent, thermal, shoot-through, UVLO and wide-input voltage (wide VIN) range.

This motor driver provides the necessary features to survive a harsh automotive environment.
The reference design has a single H-Bridge motor driver with an integrated protection. It has a working voltage from 8-V to 38-V input supply range that is suitable for both EVs and ICE engine vehicle as it supports +12-V industry standard supplies. The EVM also features a easy to use GUI. The TIDA-00145 also supports a brake mode that allows the motor to stop quickly and has a 2-pin control interface for motor operation. The reference design is AEC-Q100 compatible making it suitable for use in harsh automotive environment with high vibrations.

This reference design has been tested by TI. It comes with comprehensive software, firmware libraries, tools, battery, etc. You can find additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design click here.


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