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Reference Design Of A SMPS for Automotive Body Control Module

15-W System-Level Power Reference Design for Automotive Body Control Module. 

The TIDA-00745 is a 14-W switched-mode power supply (SMPS) design specified for automotive body control modules. It employs a buck converter working at 2.1 MHz. It has a 15-W pre-boost circuit to support start and stop conditions or cold crank conditions. The SMPS can support a low VIN. The reference design is optimised for a wide input voltage from 3.55V – 36V. It is qualified for automotive application and comes with AEC-Q100 certification. The SMPS has a system efficiency of 86.5% at full load at 12 VIN.

The normal operating frequency for all the synchronous buck converters that the design uses (LM53601,LM53602, and LM26420) is 2.1 MHz, which allows the use of small passive components. At 2.1 MHz, the frequency is above the AM band, allowing a significant input filtering saving. These parts have low, unloaded current consumption and do not require an external back-up LDO. The low shutdown current and high maximum operating voltage of the LM53601-Q1 and LM53602-Q1 devices also eliminate the requirement of an external load switch.

The design can be divided into four major blocks including EMI filter, Preboost circuit, Buck converter and downstream LDOs with trackable output voltage.

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Features of the reference design:
• Lossless bypass operation; avoid loss in boost diode
• Wide Vin integrated front-end DC/DC converters: LM53603-Q1, LM53601-Q1
• Pass CISPR 25 Class 3 FM radio band
• ICs AEC-Q100 qualified
• 3.5-V to 30-V (20-V OVP) wide Vin range; supports cold cranking conditions

TI has tested this reference design. It comes with comprehensive software, firmware libraries, tools, battery, etc. You can find additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design click here.


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