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IoT Fall Detection System Using MPU6050, ESP32, and Blynk

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This IoT Fall Detection System provides a proactive solution, ideal for those seeking to enhance the safety of loved ones or individuals at risk of falls.

Falls pose a serious risk, particularly for the elderly and those with medical conditions.

With this IoT-based fall detection system, instant notifications on a mobile phone can be received in the event of a fall. This enables a swift response, potentially preventing serious repercussions.

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Utilizing a six-axis gyro cum acceleration sensor and a microcontroller, we can detect and measure motion and orientation changes, and with Blynk, a user-friendly interface can be created for receiving notifications and alerts.

The hardware and software implementation, including setting up the MPU6050 sensor and ESP32 microcontroller, configuring the Blynk app, and programming the system using the Arduino IDE, is explained in detail.

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IoT based Fall Detection System using ESP32
Fig. 1: Fall Detection System using ESP32

Components used in the IoT Fall Detection System are listed in the bill of materials table below.

Bill of Materials
ESP32 (MOD1)Microcontroller for programming
MPU6050 (MOD2)6-axis gyro and acc. sensor
Micro USB
Breadboard (for circuit prototyping)
Male-to-male jumper wires

Fall Detection System – Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram of the IoT fall detection system using MPU6050, ESP32, and Blynk is shown in Fig. 2. It comprises ESP32 microcontroller (MOD1), MPU6050 (MOD2), micro USB cable, breadboard, and a few male-to-male jumpers.


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