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Global Award Winning Project Ideas

This projects list caters Global Award Winning Project Ideas which can be easily constructed from minimum parts and are low cost too.

City Water Usage Mapping and Distribution system

Monitor the water usage and wastage of water of each home in the city and village and map the data about how much water is needed in which part of the reason, which home does more water wastage and distributes the water equally to every home.

BLE Mesh-based Mine and Factory Protective helmet

A smart Bluetooth based gais mounted on the helmet of each Coal miner is equipped with gas sensors, temperature sensors and gyromagnetic sensors connected to one central mesh network. The data of environment and flow of coal miners and factory workers gives real-time data of gas in the environment and senses the poisonous gases and inflammable gases and its flow and alert the coal miners to protect the factory and workers from hazards and accidents in coal mines and factories.

Remote Health Monitoring

Doing health checkup safely in pengamic and virus outbreak is challenging , our device connected to cloud and high speed internet will able to captures the real time data of patients health like blood pressure , SPO2 , Heart beat etc help to do remote health checkup in real time

Country Patient Analytic and Health Mapping

Captures the real time data of health of each person including with data of age ,gender and location and feed that data to a central cloud dashboard which pass through a AI engine and give real time of health analytic of people of whole country how much population is affected by COVID .which age group and gender and which reason is more affected by what kind of health problem.

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Remote IoT Agriculture System

Can do monitor the plants and crops from anywhere in world and also able to water them , spray pesticides and nurture plants and crops remotely from anywhere in world Detect weed in crop using aI give live analytics about soil data.

BLE Mesh Multo room cast audio system

BLE based audio casting and streaming system that can be cast into multiple rooms connected over central node BLE. One central node able to cast and stream audio to multiple rooms and play sound in all mesh network connected device all at one in real time

Few More projects idea on basic circuits

Arduino Based Oscilloscope

An Arduino based oscilloscope that plots the voltage and current waveform in the Arduino IDE serial plotter or custom GUI.

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GPS based anti-collision system for railway

In this project, the microcontroller should be united with the GPS modem, GSM modem, or cellular phone. GPS modem will discover the current locations of the train through satellite. The keyboard & display screen can also be used with the controller for the convenience of the user.

High-frequency PWM amplifier circuit

PWM amplifier can be used to change the amplitude of PWM signals. Higher the frequency of the PWM signals, more difficult it is to translate it to a certain voltage. Design a high-frequency PWM amplifier that can amplify signals in the range of MegaHertz.

Transformer health monitoring circuit

Real time transformer health monitoring systems help to replace the equipment before failure and continuity of the power will not be disturbed. Design a circuit that can acquire, process, analyze & communicate the critical parameters of transformer health to a centralized system.




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