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Remote Controlled Corona Protection Device Specially For Children

We know that World health organization (WHO) recommends that everyone should wash their hands with soap and water at least 20 seconds to prevent transmission of the novel corona-virus (SARS-COV-2) in addition to social distancing.

As twenty second restricted time period can be maintain with stopwatches on phones, wristwatches etc., but these gadgets are not convenient to use them. Generally people avoid using their expensive phones near water source and most of the children even don’t know how to calculate/measure time from analog clock or from digital clock. The proposed work is very useful for them.

Our proposed work fulfils WHO recommended 20 second hand washing with display of Time in form of buzzer and LED that can easily be understand by kids/children.

Main objective of this proposal is to protect ourselves (specially children) from corona virus covid-19 in low Cost. It’s an easy project solution that can be use easily at our home, office etc.

TSOP1738 1 25/-
IC-ULN 2003 1 15/-
555 Timer IC 1 15/-
5V RELAY 1 20/-
Buzzer 1 15/-
LED 1 2/-
15KΩ,18 KΩ,1 KΩ RESISTOR 1 1/-each
Breadboard 1 75/-
IC-7805 1 15/-
1000µF,25V capacitor 1 10/-
0.1 µF capacitor 1 1/-

Table 1:- List of components use in project (Bill of Material)

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Here whenever anyone go to wash his/her hands, his/her mother switch on the LED and BUZZER  for 20 second fixed time period from any remote (TV/AC Remote),so the child will rub his hands from soap till that LED GLOW and  BUZZER SOUNDS. And when LED and BUZZER will off, he/she just wash the hands from water tab.

In our proposed work we use infrared receiver TSOP1738 which will generate a active LOW output, which will be apply as a input of ULN2003 relay driver IC so as to drive the delay.

Whenever our circuit is on the relay is in NO (NORMALLY OPEN) position and when someone presses the remote than for a bit time it will be in NC (NORMALLY CONNECTED) position. In our proposed project we use this NC position as a generation of trigeer pulse for our 555 timer circuit as MMV which is designed by us to produce 20 second output for switch on the LED as well as BUZZER.

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TSOP1738TSOP1738 is a commonly used Infrared receiver. It is generally used in  television, DVD Players etc. It consist PIN Diode, Preamplifier and internal filter for PCM frequency. Series of TSOP17XX are available with divergent carrier frequencies. TSOP1738 carrier frequency is 38 KHz.TSOP1738-Infrared-receiver

ULN2003ULN2003 IC is a relay drivers IC. We use this IC when we require to drive high current loads by the use of digital logic circuits like operational amplifier, 555 timers, logic gates, arduino-uno, microcontroller etc. ULN 2003 is basically used to drive relay, dc motors, stepper motors. This relay driver IC is used to drive 5 volt relay in proposed work.ULN2003ULN2003 IC

Design of MMV for 20 second output


TIME PERIOD           T= 1.1 RC      (we want here T=20 SECOND)
Let                           C=1000µF   than
R= 20/ (1.1*1000*10-6) =18 KΩ (approx.)


Rakesh Jain received Master degree in VLSI, B.E. in electronics and communication, DIPLOMA in electronics. He is currently working as an Assistant professor in ECE department in Geetanjali institute of technical studies, Udaipur. His research area is SENSOR and Microcontroller. He has 20 copyright and 3 Indian patents.


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