Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Reference Design For A 10A Fast Battery Charger 

The fast charging reference design from Renesas is capable of delivering a high charging current of 10A. The reference design is up to 98% efficient and employs a high-efficiency current doubler with integrated Analog to Digital converters (ADC) for system monitoring. The microcontroller used in this design works as a USB transceiver and enhances the discrete digital IO control (General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) and dedicated functions). The reference design from Renesas can be used as a stand-alone 1S charger or can be implemented into Laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The Datasheet of this reference design can be accessed by visiting this link.

The charger is capable of delivering up to 6A by using the standard Type C cable. The fast charging is achieved by the doubler circuit that uses a high-efficiency capacitive divider. For enhanced safety of the system and the battery pack, the reference design employs an 8-bit ADC to keep a check on parameters such as input current, output current, voltage and junction temperature. Furthermore, for software supervision a programmable watchdog timer, and for battery overload protection a safety timer, are included in the design.

The reference design employs two power monitor IC, that enable the measurement of the main charger input voltage and input current and allow the monitoring of the battery parameters and uses an I2C protocol for communication. The block diagram of this reference design is given below:

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Block diagram of 10A Charger reference design

Features of 10A Fast Battery Charger 

  • Safe high-voltage direct charging
  • Travel adapter detection
  • High Immunity of False Triggering Under Transients
  • Responds to Input Overvoltage in Less Than 1µs
  • 10 A output current
  • I 2C compatible 2-wire interface

Safety Features of 10A Fast Battery Charger 

  • Automatic shutdown in a fault condition
  • Reverse and forward current protection in IDLE mode
  • High Accuracy Protection Thresholds
  • User Programmable Overcurrent Protection Threshold
  • Built-in fault protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Junction temperature monitoring


Renesas has provided the required design resources which can ease the design process thus reducing the time and effort of the design team. Some of the resources provided by the company are:

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More details and other resources for the reference design can be found here.


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