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Reference Design For A Three Phase Brushless DC Motor Drive

Reference design for a BLDC motor driver with an integrated AC to DC converter

Reference design for a sensorless DC motor driver with input from a regular AC home socket. The reference design can take input from 90 – 264 V and is capable of running a small 10 W motor running at 12 VDC. The REFMOT201 is a reference design by ROHM for a three-phase brushless DC motor drive. The reference design enables direct input of AC power to a BLDC motor unit by installing an AC-DC converter circuit in the drive circuit for a three-phase BLDC motor. The reference design has a three-phase motor driver + AC-DC converter (12V output) integrated into a single board.

A three-phase BLDC motor drive is a type of motor drive that is specifically designed to control three-phase brushless DC motors. BLDC motor drives are also used to control brushless DC motors, but they may not necessarily be designed to specifically work with three-phase motors. The main difference between a three-phase BLDC motor drive and other types of BLDC motor drives is the number of phases that the motor has. A three-phase BLDC motor has three sets of windings, whereas other BLDC motors may have two or more than three sets of windings. This difference in the number of phases affects how the motor drive controls the motor.

The main advantage of Three-phase BLDC motor drives is its higher efficiency, higher power density, and better torque-to-weight ratio. These features enable these drives to have a smaller footprint and lower volume. Moreover, the three-phase BLDC motors require minimal maintenance compared to other types of motors because they do not have brushes that wear out and need to be replaced.

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The reference design offers precise control over motor speed and torque, making it ideal for applications where accuracy is critical. The low-powered reference design offers higher reliability and low noise and vibration making it suitable for use in low-powered medical equipment or in consumer electronics. The reference design can also be used as fan motor products for small ventilation fans, air purifiers, fans, refrigerators and freezers, industrial air cooling equipment, etc.

Features of REFMOT201

  • Input AC power supply voltage 90~264V
  • Motor DC voltage 10.4~13.2V
  • Output current 1.0A(max)
  • Sensorless 12V three phase brushless DC motor drive
  • Motor driver: Motor driver LSI
  • Sine wave commutation PWM drive
  • Speed control by DC/PWM input
  • Rotation direction setting
  • Rotation speed pulse signal output (FG, 1/2FG)

This reference design has been tested by ROHM. It comes with required design resources such as Gerber files, schematics, BoM, etc. You can find additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design click here.


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