Sunday, June 16, 2024

Reference Design For GaN Based DC-DC converter

If you want to design a compact and efficient DC-DC converter, then this reference design is suitable for you. The EPC9048C is a half bridge development board with onboard gate driver. This reference design features an EPC2034C GaN FET that is rated for 200V. The design can be easily set up as a buck or boost converter. The board measures 2” x 2” and contains two GaN FETs in a half bridge configuration. The reference design employs a On-Semi NCP51820 gate driver along with all critical components and the layout to support optimal switching performance.

The performance characteristics of the reference design is given below:

The reference design can be used as a evaluation board for the GaN FETs as the design contains various probe points to facilitate simple waveform measurement and efficiency calculation. The block diagram of the circuit is given below:

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The board can be operated in a buck converter or a boost coverter topology by selecting the appropriate jumper setting, moreover both the topologies can be used in a single or dual PWM inputs which can be chosen using the appropriate jumper settings on J630.

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The company has provided various design resources including application notes, gerber files, schematic sketch, etc. To learn more about this reference design visit


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