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Introduction To Smart Wi-Fi

Prashant Sahay is BE in instrumentation and controls from University of Pune. He enjoys designing electronic products. He is working as senior product engineer at Knewron Technologies & T. Anand is managing director at Knewron Technologies

efy testedWe need faster tools and media to prove our ideas, and this is where ready-to use modules like Smart Wi-Fi enter. Fig. 1 shows the top side of Smart Wi-Fi module.

smart wi-fi module
Fig. 1: Smart Wi-Fi module
Block diagram of the introduction of Smart Wi-Fi
Fig. 2: Block diagram of the introduction of Smart Wi-Fi

The module is low-cost and versatile; all a developer needs is a USB cable and it is ready to work. For software developers, working with hardware is always a pain, and this is one of the biggest reasons why many ideas never exit a computer. Smart Wi-Fi enables making a product quickly and reliably. With open software resources and hardware data, moving to the final product after the proof of concept is also easy.

One of the major aims for writing this article is to show the versatility of this product and show how quick the development can be. In this article a few tests with Smart Wi-Fi are discussed, which show the applicability of this module for development of the Internet of Things (IoT) products.

parts list

Circuit diagram of the Smart Wi-Fi
Fig. 3: Circuit diagram of the Smart Wi-Fi

Circuit and working

The circuit diagram of the Smart Wi-Fi is shown in Fig. 3. It is built around Smart Wi-Fi module (BOARD1), micro-USB cable, LM35 temperature sensor (IC1) and a resistor (R1).
Smart Wi-Fi has ESP8266 Wi-Fi module along with an onboard voltage regulator, USB port, battery charger, user button and debug RGB LED.


  1. Really an interesting article. Just a small doubt. In the Block diagram, a line is shown connecting the Thingspeak to Smart Wifi. Does it mean that the Smart Wifi would be able to connect direct to the cloud bypassing the PC? if so, how is it achieved. Thanks in advance.


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