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Designing Li-ion Battery Chargers

Lithium-ion batteries are the best battery choice you’ll ever need to power just about anything — from your laptop, cell-phones and digital cameras to bluetooth headsets, media players, medical and wearable devices.

Get started with designing battery chargers for your portable devices with ready-to-use reference designs from the industry. The designs use intelligent and low-cost MCU controlled methods, efficient power management chips, as well as many advanced features. 

These designs come along with complete user guides, bill of materials, application notes, design files and test reports:-

Wearables Battery Charger: 

battery charger

Here’s TI’s efficient battery charger designed for space-sensitive portable applications like wearable electronics, power bank solutions, electronic point-of-sale solutions, wireless headsets and barcode scanners. The design supports a max. charge current of 1A and can operate from either a USB port or AC adapter. Parameters like pre-charge current, termination current threshold, and fast charge current value are programmable. More on this Reference Design

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3.7 V Battery Charger For Security Systems: 

Here is a reference design from Zilog which is best for charging 3.7 V lithium-ion batteries in a number of applications such as security systems and information systems. It can be powered from a USB port or an external 6V DC source. A Zilog Z8 MCU controls the battery functions. LEDs provide indication of charging status as well as overcurrent when the system is connected to a load requiring more than 500 mA. The charging status can be monitored over UART on the hyperterminal of a PC and the firmware is upgradable. More on this Reference Design

Low-cost Mobile Battery Charger: 

Freescale offers a reference design to charge one mobile phone cell (one 3.6V Li-ion battery cell). The design signifies a battery full when the battery voltage reaches 4.1V using a MC68HC908QT2 MCU from Freescale. The firmware can be upgraded by in-circuit programming. More on this Reference Design

5 W Cellular/Cordless Phone Charger: 

This reference design from ON Semiconductor is perfect for cell phones and cordless phones. Designed for NiCd, NiMH, Lithium-ion or similar batteries, the design is cost-effective and consumes very little power in standby mode, that is, when the adapter is plugged in the mains and no phone is connected to it. More on this Reference Design

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MP3 USB Battery Charger: 

Maxim Integrated offers a battery charger for portable devices like MP3 players and PDAs. It can charge either from USB port or by plugging into an AC adapter. If both USB and the AC adapter are connected simultaneously, the AC adapter is given precedence. Many advanced features are included like over-voltage protection and selectable charge current to match the current capability of the source (USB or AC Adapter) or battery. Load switching occurs when power is plugged in so that battery remains unloaded. More on this Reference Design


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