Thursday, February 29, 2024

DIY Light Following Robot without Coding

By Manmohan Singh, Vivek Gowda, Ramiksha c Shetty, and Sahana P

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The mini light follower robot proposed here works in ambient light. It employs sensors to detect variations in light intensity, which allows it to navigate and perform tasks in diverse environments.

This mini-robot exploration combines robotics and light-sensing technology, showcasing the potential for autonomous systems to adapt to changing light conditions. The block diagram of the light-follower robot is shown in Fig. 1.

Block Diagram of Light Follower Robot
Fig. 1: Block diagram of light following robot

This mini-robot introduces a captivating exploration into the realm of robotics by combining the light-dependent resistor (LDR) and the 555 timer IC. The core concept involves creating a light-activated robot, where the LDR functions as the sensory ‘eyes,’ and the 555 timer serves as the controlling ‘brain.’

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As light intensity changes, the resistance values of the LDR detect these variations, prompting the 555 timers to orchestrate the robot’s movements. The result is a robot that dynamically responds to its environment, moving in coordination with the presence or absence of light.

This hands-on endeavor provides a foundational understanding of sensors, timers, and motor control, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.

The light follower robot’s prototype on a breadboard is shown in Fig. 2.

Light Follower Robot on breadboard
Fig. 2: Light Follower Robot on breadboard

Light Follower Robot Circuit and Working


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