Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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PIR-Sensor Based Security System!

Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor based motion detectors have become very popular for intrusion detection in homes and commercial places. These sensors could be put to use in places like keyholes, kitchens, hallways, stairways and safe cabinets.

If you are curious to know how these sensors are employed in security systems, let’s walk-through the following ready-to-use reference designs on PIR sensors:-

PIR Motion Detector With Bluetooth Smart & 10 year Battery Life:


Here is a low power wireless motion detector design from TI which leverages nano-power analog for ultra-low power design resulting in 10 year battery life from single CR2032 coin cell. The design could be used for applications including motion detection or lighting control through occupancy detection. The PIR sensor has sensitivity of up to 30-feet with shutdown current of 1.63-µA. The design includes techniques for system design, detailed test results, and information to get the design up and running quickly. More on this Reference Design

Wireless PIR Motion Detector Camera: 

atmel pir camera

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Here is a reference design from Atmel which meets low power, cost and size requirements for development of a Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector. The design is built around the Atmel’s SAM4S MCU ideal for this application with ready to use hardware and software blocks. The MCU integrates an interface to read data from a CMOS digital image sensor and store images in internal or external memory. It is also able to do JPEG image compression in software for transmitting images to optimize transmission time and power consumption. This eliminates the need of highly priced CMOS imaging sensors with embedded JPEG compression. Further simplification in the design is achieved by low-power analog comparator or analog-to-digital converter for motion detection and low-power modes reducing the component count, size and cost. More on this Reference Design

Flexible PIR Intrusion Motion Detector:

This reference design from Zilog demonstrates a flexible Passive Infrared (PIR)-based solution for a range of intrusion motion detection applications. The design centers on a ZMOTION Intrusion MCU from Zilog which handles all functions related to the operation of the detector. The MCU comes preprogrammed with motion detection algorithms always running in the background. The motion detection algorithms take advantage of the on-chip sigma/delta ADC to which the pyroelectric sensor is connected. A Clare CPC1017 Solid State Relay provides the alarm outputs. An anti-mask feature detects if something has been placed in front of the detector preventing it from detecting motion. More on this Reference Design


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