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Make Your Own Juice Dispenser

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A machine that can dispense juice /water.


When air is flown to the closed bottle the pressure in the bottle also increases, as the other pipe is immersed in the liquid, the liquid flows against gravity and is dispensed. Materials required.

Components Required

The components used for the project are as follows:

  • MDF Boards
  • Hinges
  • Air pump motor *3
  • Pneumatic Air Hose Pipe
  • Wires
  • Switch
  • Resistors 1k ohm
  • 9V supply

Total cost of all the components ~ 1k INR

Circuit Diagram

Juice Dispenser Circuit Diagram
Circuit made using Easy EDA

Build Make a box using 5 pieces of MDF board 12inch *12 inch – 3.5 mm thickness

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Use another MDF of the above dimension and add a hinge so that the box can be accessible from the top

Drill 3 holes in the front for LED and another 3 for push buttons

Solder wires to the 3 air pump motors and make sure that the motor is giving enough output of air

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Take 3*750mL of juice/water bottles and drill 2 holes of 2.5mm thickness each on it .

The motors have to be mounted on the left and right MDF’s so take measurements accordingly Take a pneumatic air hose pipe and attach it to the motor and the pipe must reach the bottle cap and go slightly inside (should not submerge in the juice) . Do the same with the other 2 motors

Make a dispensing structure to make the design look more professional, the dispensing pipe is inside the structure.

DIY Juice Dispenser Parts

Take some air pipes and put it in the other hole of the juice cap and this pipe must go completely down the juice bottle (submerge in the liquid). The same should be done for the other 2 systems.

Attach 2 motors to the left/right MDF and another to the right / left MDF using U Clamp compatible with the size of the motor.

Additional Details

Make sure the air pipes and the juice pipes are not completely bent at any place

Make sure the air pipe and the juice pipes don’t go up unnecessarily as it reduces the air pressure and reduces the juice flow

The juice filled in the bottle bottle should be around ¾ of the bottle capacity (For 750mL bottle the juice loaded should be around 562.5mL for optimal performance)

The final build looks like this

Juice Dispenser Project


When the button is pressed , the air pump motor blows air through one of the pipes which goes to the bottle (not submerged in liquid) and the liquid is dispensed from the other pipe (submerged in the liquid) and the liquid is channelled to the dispenser.


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