Friday, March 31, 2023

Tiny, Open-source PLC For Industrial IoT

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Here’s an ultra-compact PLC reference design that provides multiple software-defined I/Os in an ultra-compact (less than 1 cubic inch) solution, designed to increase productivity and reduce downtime in industrial and building automation applications.

The Go-IO reference design (MAXREFDES212) is a next-generation industrial IO solution that is designed to increase productivity, further adaptive manufacturing, and provide machine-level health and status information for making critical, real-time decisions.

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To address the current trends of Industry 4.0, the design claims to meet stringent size and power demands. Go-IO packs 17 configurable IOs in a space one-half the size of a credit card. It is also touted to be a 10x smaller solution with 50% less power consumption compared to its predecessor, the Pocket IO.

Key advantages

  • Compact Design
    Ultra-small, compact footprint (< 1 cubic inch: 1.7in.W x 1.56in.D x 0.25in.H) allows Go-IO to be integrated throughout the factory floor
  • Robust, Safe Technology
    Composed of advanced industrial products rated to withstand -40°C to +125°C
  • High Efficiency- Ensures a small energy signature to increase efficiency—no cooling fan is needed
  • Packs a Powerful Punch
    Offers a full suite of 17 IOs to control an entire manufacturing node or piece of equipment, including analog inputs, analog outputs, isolated digital inputs, digital outputs, IO-Link masters, and isolated RS-485 with integrated power
  • Programmable
    Programmable via the MAX32630 using the low-power Arm®Micro toolchain
    Intelligence and Decentralized Control
  • Enables automation equipment to act autonomously based on changing environments—as issues are identified, equipment can reprogram itself to do another task
  • Productivity and Throughput Increases
    Enables higher factory uptime by supporting the ability to quickly isolate problems

For more details on the reference design, click here.



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