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Identify and Classify Objects with Edge Impulse and ESP32 Cam

This device can recognize items like vegetables and fruits and help in segregating them as well as classify them as per their size and other features. It uses the edge Impulse ML tool that can be deployed on various platforms and boards, such as Arduino, ESP32 camera, ESPEye, laptop, PC, cellphone, Raspberry Pi computer, and more. You can create the output in the form of a C++ library, which can be used almost anywhere.

Let us say you need to segregate vegetables like lemons, onions, and tomatoes, or pens and pencils. You need just a Raspberry Pi board or ESP32 camera and a few relays to segregate them. Here, we are using an ESP32 cam to identify vegetables, as an example.

DIY Object Classification Device
Fig. 1: Object Classification Device

POC Video Tutorial In English:

POC Video Tutorial In Hindi:

When the cam detects a tomato, onion, or lemon, for instance, the relays will get actuated to open the basket containing the vegetables.

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ESP32 Cam
Fig. 2: ESP32 Cam

The object classification device prototype is shown in Fig. 1. The components needed for the project are mentioned in the table below.


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  1. Sir, Thank for the useful and interesting project.
    In the Bill of Material LM117 voltage regulator (MOD3) mentioned while in Fig.7 Circuit Diagram LD1117 is used in MOD3. In the description also LM117 is used.
    Which one should I use for MOD3? LM117 or LM1117?
    Do we really need military grade regulator?


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