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Amazing USB Speakers Designs!

Are you fed up with the low-quality sound of your Laptop speakers? Do you want to turn your desktop/ laptop into an ultimate sound system? USB speakers are the best and just rely on a USB connection from your PC to provide pure audio quality as well as power to the listener.

To walk-through the complete design of USB speakers, here are ready-to-use reference designs with all supporting documents:-

USB Audio Reference Design:

This reference design, featuring the TLV320AIC3256 audio codec, is a fully-functional USB powered streaming audio platform that allows external audio sources to be connected to the USB port of a PC or laptop. User control is provided via a powerful, easy-to-use Windows-based GUI. More on this Reference Design

2-channel USB Speakers with Parametric Equalization: 

This reference design from TI describes a 2-channel USB speaker design that consists of a microphone input/speaker output configuration. This design also supports speaker parametric equalization using a 32-bit Digital Signal Processor. The design utilizes the Texas Instruments TUSB3200 USB device that to support 12 Mbps (full speed) data transfers. The TUSB3200 separates the digital audio data received from the USB connector into two channels and sends it to the TAS3001 digital equalizer. Using the equalization settings, the TAS3001 performs equalization, volume, bass, treble, and DRC adjustments on the data. The equalized output is passed to the TLC320AD77 Codec for conversion into two analog signals (left and right). These analog outputs are then amplified by the two 2 Watt channels of power amplifier TPA0112. The two amplified signals then drive the two speakers (left and right). The power amplifier is held in mute unless music is playing. The microphone signal can be received from a 3.5-mm microphone connector, amplified and mixed by the TAS3001, and heard on both the right and left speakers. The Full duplex record/playback is supported on this reference design. More on this Reference Design

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Low-cost USB Speakers: 

This reference design is a complete low-cost solution for USB based PC digital audio playback. The design is built around Dallas Semiconductors’ DS4201, a USB audio device which integrates a stereo 16-bit sigma-delta DAC and fixed function DSP processing specifically for USB digital speaker implementation. The device supports a high rate 12 Mbps USB interface. The design also takes care of two additional power requirements on devices imposed by USB specification: in-rush current draw and suspend state current consumption. The devices that enter the suspend state reduce their current consumption from the bus to less than 500 microampere. More on this Reference Design


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