Thursday, July 18, 2024

An EV Company On A Mission To Empower Women

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ETO Motors is a 360-degree electric mobility solutions company with the aim to contribute towards the upliftment of society by focusing on three Es: Environment, Employment, and Empowerment.

ETO Motors is an electric vehicle manufacturing company that designs, develops, and manufactures electric three-wheelers for the passenger and cargo segments. The company has three verticals, including the manufacturing of three-wheelers, electric vehicle charging, and providing last-mile mobility services to companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, and others. ETO offers two models of modular three-wheelers, called Trilux and Bulke Plus, which provide different sizes of cargo boxes that can be retrofitted according to customer requirements.

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What sets ETO Motors apart from other automotive companies is its goal to empower women and design driver-centric vehicles. Karthik S. Ponnapula, Director of ETO Motors, explains, ìOur USP is that our vehicles are designed and developed as EVs, rather than converting a traditional IC three-wheeler into an electric vehicle.î To enhance the comfort, safety, and ease of driving these cargo vehicles, the company has added rear backup cameras, bucket seats, and seat belts, and utilises high-strength materials to improve vehicle robustness and safety.


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