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Bringing Natural Autonomy On-Board

Bringing Natural Autonomy On-Board

Aiming to build a future laced with autonomy and human-machine co-existence, Grene Robotics started with new combinations of nature-inspired Tech in 2008.

“In nature, everything is autonomous, right? But is it true for most of the tech we are surrounded by? Inspired by nature, we are trying to solve this autonomy puzzle,” claims MVN Sai, Director, Emerging Technologies, Grene Robotics.

Autonomous drone defence system
Indrajaal: Autonomous drone defence system

Grene Robotics was set up in 2008 with the belief that life would become a lot easier if technology could learn ‘on the fly.’ This belief stemmed from the realisation that Kiran
Penumacha (the founder) had while working on autonomous systems during his university days, that the efficiency of the operator dictates the efficiency of the system.

Why not build a system that’s inspired by nature, that is, learns by itself? A system that’s not restricted by the capability of its operator, but is truly autonomous.


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