Monday, July 22, 2024

EarthtronEV On Way To Becoming A Leader In EV Charging Stations

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Haryana-based startup EarthtronEV aims to make highways friendly for EV users by making their charging experience hassle-free.

Founded in 2021 by Ashish Deswal, Haryana-based startup EarthtronEV wants to become the leader in EV charging across Delhi-NCR and major highways. The company targets individuals (HNIs) and institutions interested in investing in setting up charging stations. In addition, they are trying to develop a “value add” for customers of their charging stations.

They recently set up a dedicated public charging station capable of servicing seven cars simultaneously in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi. The availability of car-servicing creates the “value add” for customers of the charging stations. “Nobody wants to spend 45 to 50 minutes or even an hour charging the vehicle and sitting idle. It becomes much easier if you integrate your station with servicing stations or dhabas (roadside eateries),” says Ashish.

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The company has a dedicated team to find suitable locations, offering a revenue-sharing model wherein they provide a portion of the profits (approx. 15% to 25%). Electrical meters are also available for accurate consumption data.


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Nitisha Dubey
Nitisha Dubey
Nitisha Dubey is a journalist at EFY. She focuses on startups and innovations with a deep interest in new technologies and business models.


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