Friday, July 19, 2024

Ellotor’s Versatile ‘e-Trike’ EV Offering Many Options

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Meerut-based startup Ellotor has developed an e-Trike, an electric tricycle, which can be operated by anyone over ten years old

Founded in 2023, during the G20 Meerut Investors Summit by Varun Kaushik and Dr Madhuri Gupta, the EV startup Ellotor offers a unique e-trike with a detachable seat. It can be operated by anyone beyond ten years of age. Individuals with special disabilities in their legs and hands can also use this e-trike.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s startup promotion department provided an initial funding of 1.1 million rupees for the project. Ellotor initially introduced an e-trike for senior citizens and, within half a year, the company delivered nearly 20 units across 11 different states.

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For commercial use, Ellotor has developed e-trikes with multiple applications and attachments. These can serve as a stand-up bike, a comfortable seated bike, a trolley attachment, a delivery vehicle, a portable refrigerator, an advertisement vehicle, vehicle for food items’ deliveries, and as a street food vending option.


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Nitisha Dubey
Nitisha Dubey
Nitisha Dubey is a journalist at EFY. She focuses on startups and innovations with a deep interest in new technologies and business models.


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