Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Solar Conduction Dryer: A Boon to Indian Farmers

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Both agro and marine products in dehydrated form have export potential. Hence, this project achieves the dual objective of the economic empowerment of farmers and fishermen, as well as national growth.

Availability, achievements and way ahead
SCD won the Grand Prize at the Dell Social Innovation Challenge and was awarded with a cash prize of US$ 60,000. It has a 12kg/day (3000kg/year) capacity, and can be bought from the start-up, Science for Society (

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Apart from bringing about a change and solving a problem, an innovation must also benefit the makers financially. When we asked Vaibhav Tidke how he intends to monetise his innovation, he was humble enough to mention that he would like to use EFY as a platform to create awareness in the minds of people regarding the SCD, and thus spread the word about the technology to the masses. With 20 dryers already in use in Maharashtra, Vaibhav is working on improving the look of the SCD and perhaps also lower its cost in the next version.

The SCD has been installed in a village near Sawantwadi in Maharashtra, where it is being used for drying kokum, jackfruit and Alphonso mangoes,” Vaibhav says.

The author is a tech correspondent at EFY Bengaluru



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