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IoT Smartwatch for Movement Tracking 

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In an earlier article, we designed the Smartwatch with IndusBoard COIN that shows us the time and we also added a few more functions to it.

Moving forward, we will design the dashboard and incorporate movement tracking into the watch. This feature will assist in tracking the movements of kids, pets, and elderly individuals, along with monitoring their surroundings.

We will develop a smart IoT dashboard utilizing IndusBoard Coin’s built-in sensor data to track movement, the direction of facing, motion, surrounding temperature, and other relevant data.

Indusboard-based IoT Smartwatch
Fig 1. IoT Smartwatch using Indusboard

 Bill of Materials

IndusBoardDev Board11500
USB Type CAdapter1100
Round Touch Display GC9A01 Driver And CST816S Capacitive Touch Driver 11000

The Smartwatch Code

In the code, the initial step is to configure the SSID and password to connect with our WiFi network. Following this, we’ll implement logic to obtain the direction using the movement in the magnetic field relative to the Earth’s magnetic field. Subsequently, we’ll determine the angle from the north direction and send it to the web server.

Code for Indusboard-based IoT Smartwatch
Fig 2. Code for Indusboard-based IoT Smartwatch

Next, we’ll create the logic to detect the movement and falls of pets, kids, patients, and elderly individuals using acceleration data. Here, we’ll monitor and compare the current acceleration with the previous one. If the acceleration data fluctuates at a very high rate, we’ll detect motion or falls based on this rate.

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Indusboard-based IoT Smartwatch Code
Fig 3. Indusboard-based IoT Smartwatch Code

IoT Smartwatch – Circuit Connection

Indusboard IoT Smartwatch Circuit Connection
Fig 4. Circuit Diagram

Testing the IoT Smartwatch

Now, power the watch with a 3.3V battery and wait until the watch is connected to the WiFi network. Once connected, search for the IP address on your phone or laptop in a web browser. You’ll be directed to a webpage displaying data such as acceleration, magnetometer readings, motion detection status, temperature, direction, angle, and more.

IoT Smartwatch for Movement Tracking
Fig 5. IoT Smartwatch for Movement Tracking

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Ashwini Sinha
Ashwini Sinha
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